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Boddington's Sustainability Group

Boddington Sustainability Group

The group was established in July 2021 in order to develop a sustainability strategy for Boddington, to provide advice to the Parish Council on proposals for action and to support the actions that parishioners can take in order to reduce climate change. The Group is an official task group of the council (see terms of reference below) and can be contacted via the the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The group welcome questions, suggestions and your involvement.

The Sustainability Task Group comprises 3 councillors and up to 5 parishioners.  

Please find the Terms of Reference of the Sustainability Group

Welcome from the Chair

You may have seen in the news recently that extreme weather events - extreme heat and flooding - have become more intense and more frequent, or noticed that spring is beginning on average one month earlier.  This is a result of climate change due to human activities, primarily the burning of fossil fuels.  The UK has already warmed 1.3 deg C and is warming at a rate of 0.2 - 0.3 deg C per decade, disrupting stability of weather patterns, causing rising sea levels, ocean acidification and the breakdown of biological systems.  This is a global issue that will impact us all.

Globally action is being taken.  The UK Government has enshrined in law a commitment to reduce UK emissions to net zero by 2050, and in 2021 China built more offshore wind capacity than whole world in the last five years.

However, there is much we can do locally to reduce our impact and the primary focus of the group is to help  parishoners take local action.  Please check out or recent set of articles in the Bugle written by our members  and which we hope you will find useful, alongside some hopefully useful links. This site will develop, so please do come back regularly to check on updates.

Mark Thompson


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  • The Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Act 2006 gave parish and town councils specific powers in relation to local energy saving measures, which will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Parish and town councils can promote and support community initiatives to reduce emissions.
  • In 2010 Defra published “Adapting to Climate Change: A Guide for Local Councils
  • In 2019 Northamptonshire County Council and Northampton Borough Council declared a climate emergency and committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.
  • In March 2020 SNC launched their climate change challenge to help everybody living and working in the district understand how their actions contribute to climate change.
  • The UK is committed to the delivery of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by world leaders at the United Nations in 2015 and has set out how it intends to meet these goals.
  • On 12 June 2019 the Government laid the draft Climate Change Act 2008 (2050 Target Amendment) Order 2019 to amend the Climate Change Act 2008 by introducing a target for at least a 100% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 1990 levels) in the UK by 2050.
  • The 2021 United Nations’ sixth report from the Independent Panel on Climate Change has declared “a code red for humanity”.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Boddington Parish Council has purchased a thermal imaging camera for Boddington Sustainability Group paid for from the Wind Turbine Fund to explore options of how it can assist the parish with reducing emissions from homes.

The camera is available from January 2023 on a free loan to parishioners to help identify areas of their homes that could benefit from further draft proofing or insulation. 

Details of how to book the camera can be found on the information page of the parish council website

Sustainability Group

Climate Action Event - Energy efficiency: Meeting the climate emergency and the energy bill crisis head on

On 3rd September Boddington Sustainability Group hosted a partnership event in partnership with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), the Low Carbon Warwickshire Network and Climate Action - West Northamptonshire. This was a well attended event and that covered the climate science, the UK’s approach to renewable energy adoption, heating optimisation tips, lessons on the installing heat pumps and how to identify opportunities for insulation via the use of FLIR cameras.

The next climate event will be held on October 15th at Kenilworth Methodist Church from 9 - 12 (TBC); this will look in part at the Town Council’s Roadmap to Net Zero. More details will follow.

The slides from the meeting are available below.

Slides from Mark Thompson  PDF Version  Powerpoint Version (with notes)

Slides from Malcolm Stewart - Introduction to the RSA  PDF Version

Slides from Chris Colles - Thermal Imaging Camera PDF Version  Powerpoint Version

Slides from Jo Alsop - Boiler Efficiency PDF Version

Slides and information is also available from some of the other speakers.  

Jo Alsop, The Heating Hub

Kimbo, The Heating Academy

Stephen Kelly, Oya Energy

Recycling and Waste

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Heat and Power

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