June Statement

  1. Continued closure of Charles Cowper field

At the Parish Council meeting held via zoom on Wednesday 3rd June, the precautions and risk mitigation strategies concerning the reopening of the Charles Cowper field were discussed.  This is classified as a playing field, which, unlike parks and open spaces, are still subject to Government closure restrictions.  The Jubilee field is defined as an open space and therefore remains open, albeit with social distancing requirements.  Playing fields are classified as spaces for team games such as football where social distancing is extremely difficult. Therefore, until Government regulations change, the Parish Council, with a duty of care to parishioners, has no choice but to keep the Charles Cowper field closed. 

This issue will be revisited at each monthly meeting.

  1. National Volunteers week

It is to be recorded in the minutes that the Parish Council wishes to thank all the volunteers within the Parish for their efforts during these unprecedented times. It has been extremely gratifying to see the care and support that many people have been taking of friends and neighbours and the sense of community that this has engendered.  Also, thanks go to the many who have kept the weekly Food Bank box so well supplied.

  1. Dog waste bin in the Jubilee field

The black wheelie bin, usually at the London End gate of the Jubilee field, is being re-sited. It is now being placed by the bench next to the big hedge halfway along the field in order to try and ensure that dog waste ends up in it rather than being tossed over the hedge as has happened in the past. Please could the bin be left in its new position other than when it is brought back to the gate for emptying.