Parish Council Statement


On Saturday 14th March, a family using the CCPF was subjected to an attack by 2 dogs who were loose in the field despite the notice banning dogs.

One of the children was knocked to the ground and while, fortunately, not suffering serious harm, was left extremely traumatised and with cuts and bruises.

The Parish Council put up the NO DOGS ALLOWED notice expressly to exclude dogs from this play area to protect users from this type of abuse and to prevent fouling.

The Parish Council wishes to remind parishioners that NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED on the CCPF (service dogs excepted) and that dogs on the Jubilee field MUST BE ON A LEAD.

Any parishioner seeing either of these two regulations being flaunted has the right to ask the perpetrator to abide by the rules or, if they do not wish to confront the individual(s), to make a note of any details that should be passed on to a Parish Councillor so that further action can be taken. As there is CCTV at the VH/CCPF the Parish Council will endeavour to identify abusers.