Anti-Social Behaviour

It is with great regret that the Parish Council has to report further incidents of the anti-social behaviour previously reported.

This involves dog waste bags being thrown over the hedge into the garden of 21 London End. THIS BEHAVIOUR IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and the Parish Council will now take strident steps to identify the perpetrators and involve the police.

The Council asks anyone with information that might be helpful in identifying these antisocial individuals to come forward and report this to a Parish Councillor. This could be done in strict confidence. In addition to this, dog waste bags have been left on the seat of a bench and there is evidence that dog waste is not being picked up. This coupled with the flagrant disregard of the DOGS TO BE KEPT ON A LEAD rule means that the Parish Council has no option but to consider ways to restrict the use of the JF by dog owners. Yet again, it is the minority that will be spoiling the use of a facility by the majority.