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In April 2014 Boddington Parish Council said a fond farewell to some stalwart members and welcomed a host of new councillors with a wide range and breadth of skills and experience, and an even broader range of ages and backgrounds! We represent a wide demographic of the community which means that all areas of concern are raised and addressed, from repairing playground equipment, to road safety, to community transport any many more issues besides.

With an accumulated residency in excess of a hundred years in the Boddingtons, one thing that the Parish Councillors do have in common is a passion for the area; an area which they they wish to preserve and protect for future generations

This means that whilst maintaining day to day tasks that make life for parishioners as easy and comfortable as possible such as ensuring that street lighting is on, footpaths, roads and open spaces are managed, and the area is kept safe and cohesive, we also believe it is imperative that any investments - no matter how large or small - provide sustainable, long term benefits to the parish as a whole. Alongside the wishes of the community, we address- and will continue to address - impending forces such as housing, HS2, wind farms and planning. We will shortly be embarking on a mass community consultation - the results from which will formulate a strategic plan for the Boddingtons, so put your thinking caps on and look out for announcements in the Black and White.

Its also important to note that all members of the public are welcome (and encouraged) to attend the Parish Council meetings, held on the first Wednesday of each month at Upper Boddington Village Hall. Agendas are pinned on the notice boards in Upper and Lower Boddington a week in advance so whether you would like to participate or simply sit in and listen, please come along!

Play equipment safety report

Play equipment safety report

The annual inspection of the play equipment in the CCPF was completed on 16 June 2016. There were some minor issues raised and as some of these are due to changes in HSE requirements since the play equipment was installed the inspector was asked for guidance as to how the parish council should address these issues as it would be very difficult and costly for any play equipment owner to make changes every time there is a change to the HSE requirements. 

The response received was:

The issues noted are partly due to installation issues (roundabout clearance) and partly due to a change in the standards (head and neck openings).

The recommendations within our report are quite clear in where we suggest action is taken; What you need to look at is what remedial action is detailed for each finding. You will see on the attached report that we have not recommended any action for the entrapments for these very reasons - the risk ratings are all low (or very low) for these compliance findings and the remedial actions are all 'monitor use' which basically means that no action is necessary unless there is any evidence of accidents in the future.

The expectations of the Courts and HSE would be that non-compliances are risk assessed, and that action is taken only where risk assessment suggests that it should be; this is what we have detailed within this report.

If any new equipment is installed then obviously this should comply fully to the current standards.

You can download the inspection report here:


Mobile Library Service

Mobile Library Service

Please note that the new Mobile Library Service timetable is available and will be stopping at 14 Farm Stile, Upper Boddington on the first Thursday of each month, arriving at 12:50 and leaving at 13:10.  The full timetable is available below along with the summary of the review of the service.

Full Timetable June 2016 - May 2017

Review of Mobile Library Service

Boddington Bus Service County Connect

Boddington Bus Service County Connect

Northamptonshire's County Connect local bus service comes highly recommended by parishioners - this service will take you from any designated pick-up point to other towns or villages.  The designated pickup points in Boddington are in Upper Boddington opposite the School, and in Lower Boddington by The Carpenters Arms.

To use the service you have to register first (it is free to register).  You are then given a number which has to be quoted when you book.  The parishioners that use this service have found this to be a very easy process by phone, but can also be done online.  As it is a flexible timetable, this obviously works both ways when booking.  You can normally get a time within five or ten minutes either way of your desired time.  Thursday is best booked a week in advance as being Market Day in Banbury, but otherwise the office will do their best to fit you in.  Bus passes are accepted after 9.30 a.m.

To register, either call 0845 456 4474 or log on to, you will then get a welcome pack with more details. The service does not operate on Sundays or bank holidays, it works on Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm, and Sat 8am - 6pm. You can travel as often as you like.

If you want to have a local bus service then please think about registering for this one. Please pass the phone number on to anyone who is not on-line.  The guide to using the service can be downloaded here.